Hanae Sasaoka

Sociale expressie, Armor, Pantser and Glijmiddel

Sociale expressie, Armor, Pantser and Glijmiddel

In ancient times humans created masks for performing art, which support actors’ playing by recalling their emotions. Otherwise adding divine features to a funeral mask would allow the deceased to enter the “after life” with God’s face. Masks have been explored under many different aspects throughout the history of art, according to times and civilizations. Nowadays as the time has passed the civilization has become more sophisticated, many people, not just actors and aristocrats, have started to make up, behave, and express their social faces according to their culture and rules, when engaging in social activities. She calls our faces a modern “mask” here. Mask turned out to be a visual identity.

Delfts Blauw - Hanae Sasaoka

Delfts Blauw

It was so popular that creative Dutchmen came up with their own version of the Chinese porcelain, Delfts Blauw. 

Full of Colors - Hanae Sasaoka

Full of Colors

Depending on the local culture, human nature and climate in each country, colors increase, saturate and burst.

Grayish - Hanae Sasaoka


When people cause friction in a big city, colors mix and burn, and eventually everything turns gray.

Hanae Sasaoka

Hanae Sasaoka

Hanae Sasaoka is a Japanese oriented artist based in Amstelveen, the Netherlands. Before pursuing a career in art she earned her BA of International Business from Aoyama-Gakuin University in Tokyo. She worked in China and the UK for several years in the business field and changed her career path to art after she moved to Long Island, NY in 2006.

She’s been chosen as the artist for New York Foundation for the Arts, Immigrant Artists Outreach Initiative Program 2007-2008, while she was learning art in Art Student League of NY.

She returned to Tokyo 2010 and participated in many art shows. She has moved again to Nederland in 2018 and is working as an artist. Her work is included in galleries and private collections.



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